Saturday, July 6, 2013

Palisade Restaurant in Seattle

Ever been lied to? Of course you have and the food at Palisade combined with their atmosphere lies to you so hard. The restaurant itself is an amazing place with a mini pond and great view onto the lake. But the food is just average and nothing special and so lackluster in variety. It seems that all they did in their dishes was mix a weird collection of flavors into one dish and  add a cream sauce to it to make it look nice. And my biggest problem with this place is that the silverware and cups on the table has stains and were not properly washed or dried. But on a good note their risotto is good but not the best. Nonetheless you get what you pay for(10-15 dollars per plate of food during lunch).

In conclusion I had an ok time at this place. Will I ever go back? Sure if someone wants to pay the bill. But for now I see no reason to go back unless you want to dazzle some out of town guests with a nice view and average food.

Restaurant link:

My face when entering the restaurant


My face when done with my meal


Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Guys Burgers And Fries!!!

OK...So to those who don't know what Five Guys should probably go look for one and eat there. And to those who know what they are..KUDOS TO YOU JIMMY!!! 

So lets get down to the food itself. 5 guys serves what you think a regular burger joint serves

  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Ice cold soda
  • Hot Dogs
  • Grilled Cheese
And Peanuts? Yupp at Five guys they have huge boxes of peanuts just waiting for people to eat them. And here's the cool thing...THEY'RE FREE oh yeah I'm not lying all the peanuts you wanna eat. But for me the goobers ain't the biggest attraction and turn on of this burger chain, the biggest turn on is the burgers themselves. Served in all different ways with different toppings, and those amazing fries. 


But's a quick gist of how the food is...purely amazing meat is cooked amazingly not dry at all and all the toppings are amazing... So have fun and grab a burger :)

And honestly for 13 bucks a bacon cheeseburger, a coke, and fries is all worth it


Well...I eat...and I tend to eat at some pretty ok places and the lowest of low restaurants...and sometimes at high end places. This blog will be about my adventures through mainly the state of Washington. And all of its amazing eateries or its worst eateries, Well i guess i can STFU right about now, so...enjoy and keep eating.