Saturday, July 6, 2013

Palisade Restaurant in Seattle

Ever been lied to? Of course you have and the food at Palisade combined with their atmosphere lies to you so hard. The restaurant itself is an amazing place with a mini pond and great view onto the lake. But the food is just average and nothing special and so lackluster in variety. It seems that all they did in their dishes was mix a weird collection of flavors into one dish and  add a cream sauce to it to make it look nice. And my biggest problem with this place is that the silverware and cups on the table has stains and were not properly washed or dried. But on a good note their risotto is good but not the best. Nonetheless you get what you pay for(10-15 dollars per plate of food during lunch).

In conclusion I had an ok time at this place. Will I ever go back? Sure if someone wants to pay the bill. But for now I see no reason to go back unless you want to dazzle some out of town guests with a nice view and average food.

Restaurant link:

My face when entering the restaurant


My face when done with my meal


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